This is universally accessible pure art offering rich, intimate, poignant and existentially complex moments in family life. You will find yourself being swept up in a kaleidoscope of time, the true essence of Alzheimer’s disease. You will experience imperfect love, and subtlety leavened with humor, breaking down barriers between “us” and “them”. Everything is here in the moment – the poignant, murky and hot-bottom authentic realities of living with memory disorders. You will care deeply for and about these believable individuals struggling to make sense of and maintain increasingly fragile connections. The MemoryCare Plays are fresh answers to increasing awareness and reducing stigma of individuals with dementia, and they accomplish this far more artfully than any advocacy messaging campaign to date.

Lisa P. Gwyther, MSW, LCSW, Director Duke Family Support Program, Durham (NC), co-author, The Alzheimer's Action Plan