Steering Into the Skid is a perfect metaphor of a play, sweet and bittersweet. Letting go of driving is such an iconic stage in the progression of dementia; the authors have transformed that moment into a 12-month journey, with Amanda and Tim bound together on a trip through all the seasons of life.

In the Garden is meticulously and lovingly observed and written, capturing the father’s erratic behavior and flights of poetry, and the struggle of his children to adjust and cope and hold on to lives that are forever changed.

Riding the Waves is lovely with its gentle humor. It subtly reveals the tensions and cross-currents in the family, and the shape-shifting of the father and son gives us a window into Isabel’s world, and into her daughter’s confusion and frustration.

David Hyde Pierce, Emmy-award winning actor and comedian. Pierce has spent years working with the Alzheimer's Association on behalf of Americans with Alzheimer's disease, appearing in Washington D.C. to testify in support of expanding funding for treatment.